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"My goal is to research and collect relevant information in key areas, and build public awareness regarding reasonably expected impacts resulting from global warming. Understanding mitigation and adaptation needs and potentials are key." JPR
Support the Work

John P. Reisman

Communication and Understanding

Economy, Energy, Environment, Education

John Reisman has been working to improve communication and understanding in these important areas. He has devoted all of his time and effort to analyzing climate science and identifying relevant synergies between climate, energy, and the economy; in order to illustrate and share the connections with a broader public. If you believe this work has value, you can contribute to support the effort – we appreciate your support.

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Thank you for your consideration, interest and support.

"By examining the inter-dynamics of the systems that are a part of our everyday lives, we can all learn and grow to make better decisions for our future."  John Reisman

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