Land, Fire & Ice

Current climate conditions trends and averages: Land - Floods; drought; fire; vegetation health index, soil moisture content, snow cover, northern hemisphere snow extent

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Global Fire Maps 10 Day

Fire Map: 10 Day Segments

Image updates approximately every 10 days and represents the previous 10 days (approximately) from the extracted data from the MODIS Rapid Response System Global Fire Maps :

Static links for latest firemaps: Dates 600x300 2048x1024 4096x2048 8192x4096


Vegetation Health Index


World , Vegetation Health Index (VHI): Current Week and One Year Ago

VHI of current year

World , VHI of current year



Global Drought Monitoring



Global Soil Moisture


Monthly Global Soil Moisture (mm)
Click on date link or click link to display the graphic.
Land Surface Monitoring and Prediction





Snow Cover

Note: Global warming is increasing the moisture content of the atmosphere due to warmer oceans. This could manifest as an increase in snow extent. The warmer atmospheric temperatures altering season lengths should melt the snow faster in the spring. The data does indicate this to be true. We will add to this section if direct attribution studies are conducted.

Fall Northern Hemisphere Snow Extent

As of 2012


Current Comparison


Winter Northern Hemisphere Snow Extent

As of 2012


Current Comparison




Spring Northern Hemisphere Snow Extent

As of 2012


Current Comparrison


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