Changes Future

Changes Future
Projected Precipitation Changes

Projected Precipitation Changes

Projected precipitation changes based on climate change caused by human caused global warming. Source: IPCC AR4 Climate Change 2007: Synthesis Report -

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Precipitation Increase

Precipitation Increase

Due to warming oceans, precipitation in the form of rain and snow fall will increase as more water vapor enters the atmosphere. Precipitation is also expected to increase over the 21st century, particularly at northern mid-high latitudes, though the trends may be more variable in the tropics, with much of the increase coming in more frequent heavy rainfall events. However, over mid-continental areas summer-drying is expected due to increased evaporation with increased temperatures, resulting in an increased tendency for drought in those regions. Source:

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Global Desertification Vulnerability Map

Global Desertification Vulnerability Map

USDA US Department of Agriculture 'Global Desertification Vulnerability Map' Link:

Global Desertification Vulnerability Map - Read More…

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