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2010 Oct - The Leading Edge
Report: A 'Witch Hunt'? In Virginia? –– One of the goals of this site is to educate about science and what it means to our collective future. When science, or the scientific method comes under attack, or is undermined by those wishing to distort its meaning, it must be defended. Not because the science needs our help; because we need the science to help us. Report: Royal Society presents summary of climate change science. Report: Mike Mann Washington Post letter. Report: Huge parts of the world are drying up. Report: Pentagon pushes for green energy.
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2010 Sep - The Leading Edge
Report: Global Plant Productivity/Net Primary Production = plant life on earth. Plant CO2 take up and release back to the atmosphere. Report: The InterAcademy Council (IAC) has completed it's review of the IPCC and made recommendations to improve effectiveness in process and communication. Report: New study begins in Antarctica to increase understanding of methane release and potentials. Report: Scientists respond to Monckton Congressional Testimony.
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2011 Apr - The Leading Edge
Lead Image shows climate extremes for March 2011; NCDC Temperature and Precipitation Anomalies March 2011; Gallup Poll: Fewer Americans, Europeans View Global Warming as a Threat
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2011 August - The Leading Edge
Roy Spencer's Quest for Misunderstanding
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2011 December - The Leading Edge
American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting OSS Talks: Monday - Effectively Communicating Climate Science (How to Address Related Issues); Friday - Climate Confluence Issues (Energy, Environment, Economics, Security)
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2011 Feb - The Leading Edge
Story: Peak petroleum; Story: Strong negative phase of the Arctic Oscillation (AO); Story:Polar Amplification Effect & Current Polar Conditions; Story: Mass tree deaths in Amazon; Story: GOP pushes to drop climate change research funding; Story: House Energy & Commerce Committee pushes to repeal EPA's authority to regulate greenhouse gases;
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2011 Jan - The Leading Edge
We begin 2011 with interesting new challenges in the climate debate pertaining to the willingness to address mitigation and adaptation at a policy level. In the US a larger proportion of Republicans in the legislature along with key Republican members having indicated their intentions to pull back progress in climate change regulation by repealing EPA regulation of carbon dioxide and continued attacks on science and scientists.
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2011 July - The Leading Edge
Global Highlights indicate continued anomalous warming over Russia; Revisiting historical ocean surface temperatures; Russian Temperature Anomaly; Is Sea-Level Rise Accelerating?; North Pole Cam 1 & 2; Arctic Sea Ice Extent Averaging Below 2007 Anomaly; Paleoclimate Implications for Human-Made Climate Change; UN Security Council Addresses Considers Global Security and Climate Change; New study details glacier ice loss following ice shelf collapse; Climate Change To Spawn More Wildfires; Gingrich Says 2006 Climate Change Ad He Starred In Was 'Misconstrued'
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2011 June - The Leading Edge
Dengue Fever Creeps Back Into the U.S. — and Climate Change Isn't Helping; Climate Scientists in Australia Moved to Secure Facility; Rick Santorum: Man-made climate change is liberal 'junk science,' in sharp contrast to Mitt Romney; Australian climate scientists receive death threats; Stanford University study indicates 'Permanently Hotter Summers' if no action is taken to address human caused climate change; What's to Blame for Wild Weather? "La Nada"; Wandering gray whale points to climate change; Wallace Encourages Fox Viewers To Remain Misinformed On Climate Change; Transparency Maldives launches Global Corruption Report on climate change; Australia academics blast UK lord over Hitler jibe; Storm Warnings: Extreme Weather Is a Product of Climate Change; American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) AAAS Board: Attacks on Climate Researchers Inhibit Free Exchange of Scientific Ideas
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2011 Mar - The Leading Edge
Energy and Power Subcommittee to Examine Climate Science and EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Regulations; Into ignorance 'the US Congress has entered the intellectual wilderness'; President Obama's 'Shock and Trance' speech on energy security
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