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1934 is the Hottest Year on Record

Incorrect. The claim is based on the temperatures in the United States, not the global mean temperature.
1934 is the Hottest Year on Record

Global Mean Temperature (GMT)

It is a given that the temperature in your backyard, in your region, or in your state or country does not represent the global mean temperature. The 1934 temperature myth continues because people simply are not looking at the relevant facts in context.

US temperatures are not global temperatures. This is similar to saying the temperature in the Sahara desert does not represent the temperature in Iceland, or, the temperatures in Austrailia do not represent the temperatures in Canada.

Global is global, not local, not regional.

2008 Global Land-Ocean Temperature

NASA GISS 2008 Global Mean Temperature


US Temperature Anomaly

U.S. Temperature Record 1880-2000


Regional is not global. The myth is wrong because it uses facts out of context.

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