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Fake & Misleading Documents

Fake & misleading documents regarding human caused global warming.
'Global Warming', Painting Your Roof White, And The Chattanooga Chu-Chu
News Release: SPPI Report: Monckton Answers Rush Limbaugh on Global Warming - Secretary Chu’s madcap scheme to paint roads and rooftops white would cost $17 trillion this century, and would cut global temperature by just 0.2 Fahrenheit. At the open request of Rush Limbaugh, the Viscount Monckton of Brenchley has calculated that Energy Secretary Chu’s modest proposal to paint all the world’s roads and rooftops white would cost $17 trillion this century, and would cut global temperature by just 0.2 Fahrenheit degrees, reports the Science and Public Policy Institute (SPPI)– a Washington, D.C. research organization. Source:
Frank Luntz
Frank Luntz wrote the policy paper that guided the Bush White House in their talking points on the issue of global warming. This paper became the foundation of the denial machine that directed policy for years, until the end of the Bush Presidency.
Monckton Greenhouse Warming
By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley: Greenhouse warming? What greenhouse warming? In this document, Lord Monckton again uses facts out of context. However his main faux paux is that he makes claims that are not possible based on the current scientific analysis. In other words his claims are not justified by the empirical evidence. This is not abnormal for Monckton as it is evident in the mainstay of his writings on the subject.

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