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Greenland Lake Overview

Greenland Lake Overview Scientists survey surface lakes brought about by seasonal melt of the Greenland Ice Sheet in July 2006. Credit: Joughin/UW Polar Science Center

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Greenland Lake Surface View

Greenland Lake Surface View Ian Howat and Twila Moon of the University of Washington in Seattle conduct a sonar survey of a melt lake on the surface of the Greenland Ice Sheet. Credit: Joughin/UW Polar Science Center

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Greenland Melt Zone Creep

Greenland Melt Zone Creep

The melt zone creep on the western edge of Greenland shows a distinct change in the inland reach. This is consistent with warmer temperatures. Note that the time period: June 2001, 2002, 2003. The melt zone is increasing during the period that some claim the earth is cooling.

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Greenland Moulin

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2007 (1979-2007) Annual Accumulated Melt over Greenland

2007 (1979-2007) Annual Accumulated Melt over Greenland

The ice sheet melt extent is a daily (or every-other-day, prior to August, 1987) estimate of the spatial extent of wet snow on the Greenland ice sheet derived from passive microwave satellite brightness temperature characteristics. This indicator of melt on each area of the ice sheet for each day of observation is physically based on the changes in microwave emission characteristics observable in data. Although it is not a direct measure of the snow wetness, it is representative of the amount of ice loss due to seasonal melting that occurs on the Greenland ice sheet.

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