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A Real Climate Assessment

Scientists dedicated to science. No exaggerations. No hype. Theses scientists work in the top science organizations around the world. They look at the arguments, the data, and the models and give an honest reasoned assessment of what we know, and what we need to learn.



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In addition to the category indexing on the side bar, we have set out a more thematic index here to help you find your way through the content on the site.

Themes: Aerosols, Arctic and Antarctic climate, Atmospheric Science, Climate modelling, Climate sensitivity, Extreme events, Global warming, Greenhouse gases, Mitigation of Climate Change, Present-day observations, Oceans, Paleo-climate, Responses to common contrarian arguments, The Practice of Science, Solar forcing, Projections of future climate, Climate in the media, Meeting Reports, Miscellaneous.

If you are looking for introductions to the whole topic, start here.


Arctic and Antarctic climate:

Atmospheric Science:

Climate modelling:

Climate sensitivity:

Extreme events:

Global warming:

Greenhouse gases:

Mitigation of Climate Change:



Present-day observations:

Projections of future climate:

Responses to common contrarian arguments:

Scientific Practice:

Solar forcing:

Climate in the Media:

Meeting Reports:


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