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Global Climate Monitor

Global Climate Monitor: Global Climate Monitoring of the Climate System allows a clear overview of how the system is currently behaving in response to global warming and natural variation. Climate change indicators: Global Mean Temperature (GMT); Hemispheric Temperature Variance; Greenhouse gases; Arctic, Antarctic Ice Extent and Volume; Ocean Oscillations; Sea Level Rise (SLR); Solar Cycle Data; Sea Surface Temperatures and Anomalies; Global Fire Activity, Drought.

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Climate affects weather. The global climate monitor shows current climate conditions in the context of current weather events. Seeing the global picture aids in how climate is perceived in the context of these weather events. The connections between natural variation combined with anthropogenic (human-caused) climate forcing allows rapid assimilation of the scope and impacts of the climate weather inter-dynamics.


Land/Ocean and Hemisphere Global Trends

Global Mean Temperature (GMT) [updates annually]



Northern Hemisphere (NH), Southern (SH) Temperature Trends (GMT) [updates annually]





Carbon Dioxide Methane, Nitrous Oxide, CFC's*

*Chlorofluorocarbons are Industrially produced High GWP (Global Warming Potential Gases)

Annual Greenhouse Gas Index [suspect annual update]

Annual Greenhouse Gas Index


Recent Mauna Loa CO2 [updates monthly]

CO2 Trend for Mauna Loa


PDF Version


Global CO2 Emissions from Fossil-Fuel Burning, Cement Manufacture, and Gas Flaring: 1752-2006 [No auto update]

Figure 2: Global CO2 emissions from fossil fuel burning, cement manufacture, and gas flaring, 1751-2006. This graph shows combined emissions from all countries from 1751 to 2002, showing a sharp increase since the late 1800s.



Arctic, Ice & Snow Trends

Arctic Ice Extent (areas with at least 15% ice coverage) [updates daily]

Source: National Snow & Ice Data Center


Arctic Ice Extent [updates monthly]



Spring Northern Hemisphere Snow Extent [updates annually]

Spring Northern Hemisphere Snow Extent


Image: Spring Northern Hemisphere Snow Extent

Glacier Ice Mass Loss (summary 2009) [no auto update at this time]

Mean cumulative mass balance of all reported glaciers (black line) and the reference glaciers (red line).pdf


Arctic Oscillation [updates monthly]

Source: National Climate Data Center


Antarctic, Ice & Snow Trends

Antarctic Ice Extent Increase [updates monthly]


Antarctic Ice Extent [updates daily]



Sea Level Rise (SLR)

Topex, Jason-1, Jason-2



Multivariate ENSO (El Nino Southern Oscillation) Index (MEI) [updates montlhy]

NOAA/ESRL Multivariate ENSO (El Nino Southern Oscillation) Index (MEI)

Source: NOAA/ESRL (Earth System Research Laboratory)

Pacific Decadal Oscillation [updates monthly]

Pacific Decadal Oscillation


Sea Surface Temperature (Global Monsoon Product) [Updates Weekly]

1-Week Sea Surface Temperature


Sea Surface Temperature [Updates Daily]



Sea Surface Height (US Navy) [Updates Daily]




Sunspots, Monthly Values, 10.7cm Radio Flux

Latest Sunspot Solar Image [updates daily]

    Latest Sunspot Solar Image



Sunspots (Smoothed with Monthly Values) [updates daily]




Global Fire Maps 24 Hour/10 Day & Drought Monitoring

10 Day Segments [updates periodically 10-day intervals]

Image updates approximately every 10 days and represents the previous 10 days (approximately) from the extracted data from the MODIS Rapid Response System Global Fire Maps:

Static links for latest firemaps: Dates 600x300 2048x1024 4096x2048 8192x4096

Source: NASA/GSFC, MODIS Rapid Response.

Global Drought Monitoring


3 month average (data updated on the 16th of each month):

Source: UCL Department of Space & Climate Physics

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