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Risk Analysis

Human-caused global warming in the context of risk management gives us an important look at the considerations and how to weigh them. Greg Craven has done exhaustive work in this area. He has presented and refined his arguments in the face of fair criticism. The result is an excellent series of videos regarding the risk assessment pertaining to the problem of human-caused global warming.

Greg Craven has made a viral impact on the climate debate with his intriguing video series entitled "How it All Ends". He continually asked Find the holes in my argument and as a result has reasonably addressed pretty much every denialist and skeptic argument in the context of reason and rationality.

Greg has proposed that we need an effort of serious magnitude, a Manhattan Project and an Apollo Project combined. This he calls the 'Manpollo Project'. Having done a very reasonable Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) regarding risk and global warming, one inevitably comes to the conclusion that for the same reason that we buy car insurance, we should similarly invest in some sort of global warming insurance. One can argue with his logic, but it is difficult to find any serious holes in his reasoning.


How It All Ends


01 Nature of Science
How It All Ends: Nature of Science (in 3 parts)
02 Risk Management
How It All Ends: Risk Management (in 7 parts)

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